The Best Battlestation Setup in Your Home Office

800 professional gamers currently compete on a global scale in the US. In fact, America has the highest number of gamers in the world, who play for around 8 hours a day. With the rise of amateur and professional gamers, more people are looking to transform their home office into a battlestation. Let’s discuss how you too can create the best battlestation setup in your home and how your choice of chair and office desk can impact slouching and sitting posture. To compete like a professional gamer, you need to invest your time into designing your own unique at home battlestation that will help you to play like a pro. Are you ready? Ok, let’s do this!

The Best Battlestation Setup in Your Home Office

Best Battlestation Chair to Combat Slouching

Gaming is big business in the US, and professional gamers compete internationally for prize money up to $50 million. If you’re thinking about becoming a professional gamer, or you’d just like to upgrade how you play your favorite computer games, you need to invest in ergonomic office furniture to combat slouching. Since an amateur gamer will play for around 6 hours a week, slouching can be detrimental to your health and your performance.

Gamer sitting posture in front of battlestation

Professional Gamer Chairs - Sitting Posture

A seated posture can increase the pressure on your spine, which can lead to problems such as arthritis and spondylosis. Over time, arthritis can cause daily pain and joint stiffness, which will make it difficult to sit for a long period of time and can eventually spread to joints in your knees, arms and fingers.

Sitting while gaming can also make you slouch, especially if your gaming chair is not at the right height, or distance away from your screen. Slouching can cause pain in your neck, between the shoulder blades, and cause circulation problems. You may not even be aware that you are slouching, but you’re likely already experiencing the side effects such as headaches, migraines, jaw pain, and heartburn.

The Best Battlestation Setup in Your Home Office

According to Reddit, battlestations include a tower, monitor, keyboard and mouse, audio playback, recording device and in some cases wires and cables. However, we think it’s far more important to focus on your desk and chair setup for the best battlestation at home. Ergonomic designs help both amateur and professional gamers improve their posture when seated and can actually impact performance. Being comfortable is key to enduring a gaming marathon or gaming tournament.

When shopping online for the best ergonomic office chair for working remotely or setting up a battlestation we recommend you look out for:

    • Tilting mechanism
    • Back angle adjustment
    • Seat depth adjustment
    • Adjustable headrest
    • Arm height adjustment

For the best sitting posture it’s all about the angles. Your office chair should support your lower back, upper back, neck and head, as well as your arms. As we are all unique, your gaming chair or office chair needs to be adjustable to allow you to sit comfortably. Ideally your arms need to be at a 90 degree angle and your gaze at a 20 degree angle either above or below your natural line of sight.

To check your sitting posture:
    • Put your feet on a foot rest or flat on the floor.
    • Make sure your back is flat against the spine of the chair, without a gap.
    • Relax your shoulders.
    • Move your head back into the support of the chair.
    • The screen should be at arm’s length, and you should be able to see it clearly from a natural line of sight and at around 40 to 80 cm away from your forehead.
    • Your arms should be either supported by the arm rests or be comfortable at a 90 degree angle when using the mouse or keyboard.

For the best office chair we recommend the Tempur-Pedic TP250 Task Chair with OUTLAST® Cooling Technology to regulate skin temperature and reduce uncomfortable perspiration when working at home.

For an epic battlestation we suggest the Ergohuman High-Back Leather Executive Chair for ultimate gaming comfort.

Standing Desks to Level Up Your Office or Battlestation

Breaks are important, whether your online gaming or working from home to combat slouching and poor posture. Giving yourself and your body a chance to relax, move around a bit, and relieve tension is necessary for your health and wellbeing.

If you enjoy standing while working, making calls or having meetings, an ergonomic standing desk is a great way to level up your home office. In fact, standing desks are said to help weight loss, improve mental health, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well as reducing back pain.

Harbour the power of a standing desk for a modern home office with a Standing Desk Converter.


VR and Standing Desks for Battlestations

VR and Standing Desks for Battlestations

Amateur and professional gamers can also benefit greatly from a standing desk. Imagine how many hours you could be standing instead of sitting down, and the number of calories you could burn each day by making this easy switch. In fact, standing while playing games might actually be the future of gaming!

Players are now demanding a fully immersive gaming experience and virtual reality is making this possible. Unlike standard gaming that can be played while sitting down, VR requires players to stand and move around a virtual world. Moving your arms, legs, core and head allows sensors to pick up even the smallest of motions, attempting to make the gaming world a seamless transition from reality. Investing in a standing desk for your battlestation might actually help you in the future when VR takes over.

Get yourself and your body ready for VR gaming with a battlestation standing desk setup: Levado Height-Adjustable Desk

Get the Lights on Point like a Professional Gamer

Light up your battlestation or home office by investing in lighting. Naturally, when it gets darker, whether it be outside or in a room, your eyes begin to feel tired and your brain actually sends a signal to your body to release melatonin. This is what gives you that tired and sleepy feeling. Sleep is vital to a healthy immune system and cognitive functions but for professional gamers, spending time gaming into the early hours is a big part of their job.

If you’re hoping to build the ultimate battlestation or night owl work space, lighting will help create a comfortable environment and allow you to work or play well into the night. Lighting will also help reduce eye strain, which can often occur when we struggle to see in dimly lit rooms. To enhance your performance, we recommend lighting up your office or battlestation with LED task lights.

Air Quality Key to Keeping You Awake & Alert 

Air quality is another key component when designing a battlestation or home office. Did you know that poor air quality can increase fatigue. So, if you’ve been feeling particularly tired when trying to work from home, or you’re struggling to focus when competing in an online tournament, air quality might be the problem. Dust, humidity and allergens can all make the air inside your home bad, so invest in a high-quality air purifier such as the Humidifier Air Washer W200.

Set Up the Best Battlestation at Home

To conquer the quest for the best battlestation, or home office, invest in your reality. Your surroundings play a huge part in your overall performance and your environment can impact your health. Improve your sitting posture with a high-quality ergonomic desk chair combo and improve the lighting and air with smart solutions. Even a professional gamer or successful entrepreneur will tell you that your mind and body are key to success.

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