Corner Nook was an idea borne from the home workspace of our founder's wife. Oftentimes she would have to bring work home, toiling away at a small desk in a corner nook of their bedroom inside their tiny NYC apartment. Our founder wanted to improve that space after several times hearing about how his wife's back was aching, when he saw that she used a shoebox as a monitor riser, and how she would move her laptop to the top of their 4-drawer shelf so she could work while standing up. He thought about how he could improve her WFH life and also help millions of people in the same situation.

And thus Corner Nook was born.

Coming from the contract furniture industry, we partnered up with the same high-quality brands that is used in corporate offices and other commercial environments around the nation. We reviewed all the best-selling products our top clients use and curated them for you.

We wanted to make these more accessible to the home in a click of a button. What you can see here is a careful curation of products that we believe will best help you be more productive while maintaining a high standard of quality and design.




Corner Nook is a division of A&H Co, a certified minority-owned and woman-owned family business, based in Long Island City, NY.

Operated by a mother and son team since 2016.


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