Benefits of a Sit-to-Stand desk for your home office

So, you've been working from home since the start of the 2020 quarantine. So far, you've managed to get work done from your sofa, your bed, the dining table, the toilet seat (!), and yet you are far from feeling productive. Days are bleeding into nights and vice versa -- something’s missing and you crave structure. On top of that, you feel more physically exhausted by the day; your back hurts from working long hours without proper support.

You are aware that structure primarily means organizing a proper home office—but where and how to start?

Browsing the net for home office inspiration, you notice that one common theme stands out: opting for home office furniture that suits you- and their placement in your natural element- is key. Ergonomic furniture is the way to go.

If your job requires you to sit in front of the computer staring at accordion-like Excel sheets for hours, it’s time to consider purchasing a Sit-to-Stand Desk or Desk Riser for yourself. An adjustable desk that allows you to work while standing up, as opposed to being stuck in a sedentary position, will definitely provide a sense of balance to your work-from-home days.

Investing in a Sit-to-Stand Desk or Desk Riser will benefit you in ways that not just optimize your productivity, but also help maintain your health and wellbeing:

Minding your posture is minding your health

Avoid long-term injury from stiff neck and back aches caused by prolonged sitting. Expect the probability of weakened muscles, particularly when you’re used to a sitting position that aggravates your posture. Typically if you’re a freelancer, you don’t qualify for workers compensation, so do try the Helium Surface Sit-to-Stand Desk Converter to address your long-term slouching-when-sitting issue—not to mention this causes digestive problems! Take good care of your back, stretch your torso, while deftly typing that email!

Stand against the Sitting Disease

These days being healthy is an urgent concern no matter what age. What, with the rise of evolved viruses this should be a priority! Work should not hinder you from taking care of your health; your day job and lifestyle should complement each other. Studies show that this office culture of sitting too long leads to all sorts of health issues. Dubbed as the “Sitting Disease” by the scientific community, this medical condition starts in your metabolic system and encroaches on various organs of your body. A more common effect of which are cardiovascular diseases. Keep calm and check out this WorkFit-TX Standing Desk Converter to dodge any heart-related medical issue that could be looming on the horizon. 

Efficient blood flow means efficient workflow

Oftentimes, sitting down for a full workday of 8-9 hours directly affects your blood circulation, which further leads to trouble down the road. But go ahead and stretch your calves and hamstrings without losing momentum using the S2S Desktop Sit-to-Stand Workstation. You won’t need to turn your eyes away from that report you’re proofreading. Plus, unobstructed blood flow ensures healthy organs.  

Increase brain function by staying in motion

Working from home can be a challenge. There is that risk of blurring the lines of work and personal time. Home office desk ideas should revolve around how to make it work without you compromising “Me time.” A no-frills standing desk like the OTG Height-Adjustable Table is a good tool to increase brain function. Toiling on the computer doesn’t have to be an unhealthy, sedentary activity—you can work while standing, achieving balance through motion, thereby sharpening your focus, so your 9 to 5 doesn’t spill over into dinnertime. Working in this manner has been proven to drastically improve your mood. Wake those endorphins and sneak a 5-minute run in between a department meeting that’s been occupying your whole morning. Why not?


Ergonomic workstations are designed to support you and help you avoid the adverse consequences of working hours in stagnant form. Back and neck pains methodically diminish productivity. But do not despair, choosing a much-needed standing desk placement in the comfort of your home will give you more energy so you can tackle your tasks without compromising your physiological health.  


It’s good to remember that the best standing desk/Sit-to-Stand Desk/Desk Riser is stable and sturdy, and practically resistant to wear-and-tear caused by constant adjustments. Home office furniture should not impose in your home space, it should enhance it. Setting up a Sit-to-Stand Desk is the route to take if your main concern is about space and ergonomic functionality.


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