Ergonomic Sit-Stand Chair Mat for Multi-Surface

Size: 36 x 48
In stock

The Ergonomic Sit Stand mat is the best anti-fatigue mat for users looking to transition effortlessly from sitting to standing.

This dual-purpose cushioned mat combines the comfort and ergonomic benefit of a standing mat with the smooth rolling surface of a traditional office chair mat. Use with standing desks and adjustable height workstations. 
With 3/8" thick anti-fatigue support foam, this mat is comfortable on the feet, promotes wellness and reduces fatigue while standing.


    • 3/8" support foam provides cushion and resilience to reduce stress and strain on the user’s back, legs and feet
    • Dual purpose mat combines the cushion of an anti-fatigue mat with the smooth rolling surface of Deflecto’s SuperMat
    • Easily transition from sitting to standing
    • Non-slip bottom surface grips hard floor surfaces and reduces the need to reposition the mat
    • Use with wheeled office chairs or stools


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