iOO Ergonomic Mesh Chair

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cutting edge meets proven technology

If chairs were living, breathing animals, subject to the same ruthless laws of natural selection other creatures are, the iOO would represent a pinnacle of evolution — a sleek, powerful product of generations of development and refinement, and an obsession with perfection. It is adjustable, yet effortlessly simple. All of its controls have been integrated into a single mechanism. The iOO adapts, overcomes and excels. Available in all mesh seat and back, in both black and white frames.



  • Tilt Tension Control
    • Recline rate adapts to weight of user.
  • Tilt Lock
    • Locks out tilt function.
  • Back Angle Adjustment
    • Sets back angle for personalized comfort in reclined position.
  • Synchro-Tilt
    • Back reclines in a preset ratio to seat.
  • Seat Height Adjustment
    • Sets seat height to desired position relative to floor.
  • Waterfall Seat
    • Front of cushion slopes to reduces pressure on the back of the knees.
  • 2.8" Ratchet Back Height Adjustment
    • Backrest easily adjusts up or down relative to seat for personalized lumbar region support and comfort.
  • Seat Depth Adjustment
    • Adjusts seat depth relative to back.
  • Width Adjustable Arms
    • Adjusts arms in or out for proper ergonomic positioning.
  • Arm Height Adjustment
    • Adjusts arm up or down for proper ergonomic positioning.
  • Swivel Arm
    • Arm pads angle in or out for proper ergonomic positioning.
  • Arm Depth Adjustment
    • Arm pads slide forward or backward for proper ergonomic positioning.

Product Specs

Overall Dimensions: 26" x 26" x 40.8-46" (W x D x H)

Seat: 19.7" x 15.5-17" (W x D)

Back: 20.3" x 21.7-23.2" (W x H)

Seat Height: 20" (at lowest point) 23.6" (at highest point)

Weight: 69 lbs

Cube: 9.3


Assembly Guide

Dimension Sheet

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