Concorde Heavy-Duty Executive Chair

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Concorde seating represents the executive standard in seating.

Concorde is a dual purpose chair; intended for both sophisticated executives and for challenging 24 hour environments that require deep comfort and adjustability.

Made with thick, high-quality Grade 10 leather, this is a heavy duty chair that can safely support a user who weighs up to 350 lbs. for a full work day. 

Exceptional comfort and perfect support combined with easy adjustments make the Concorde the standard by which all other chairs will be measured. Unique airplane style push-button controls in the armrests provide easy access to state of the art ergonomic adjustments.


  • Control Buttons
    • Revolutionary push button controls located on the armrest provide state-of-the-art ergonomic adjustment for exceptional comfort and support.
  • Tilt Lock
    • The first button at the front of the left armrest releases the chair tilt into a free float position that follows the user’s movement providing continuous support through a full range of motions. Pushing the button a second time instantly locks the free float into any five fixed positions.
  • Seat Height
    • The button in the right armrest adjusts the seat height to accommodate the full spectrum of body sizes. This adjustment enables the user to maintain correct posture, minimizing pressure points, improving circulation and ensuring greater comfort for longer periods of time.
  • Back Height
    • The concealed back height adjustment lifts easily into one of six preset positions to provide superior lumbar support and maintain the natural ‘S’ curve of the back.
  • Sliding Seat
    • Simply push the button and slide the seat in and out to match the length of your thighs.

Chair Specs

A - Tension Adjustment

Tension Adjustment

Increase or decrease to match body weight. Allows you to rock comfortably, without heavy pushing, reducing muscle fatigue


B - Chair Tilt Lock

Chair Tilt Lock

Lock the tilt movement in position(s) to accommodate your working posture. Allows you to lock your chair in a comfortable and supportive position (can be either single position or infinite style).


C - Seat Height

Seat Height

Raise or lower to allow your feet to rest flat on the floor. Avoids pressure under your thighs, easing blood flow.


D - Back/Lumbar Height

Back/Lumbar Height

Raise or lower to position lumbar support in your lumbar area. Reduces likelihood of back pain.


E - Seat Depth

Seat Depth

Change the depth of the seat to accommodate the length of your thighs. Keeps your back in contact with the backrest while avoiding pressure behind your knees.


L - Synchro-Tilt Movement

Synchro-Tilt Movement

Backrest reclines at a faster rate than the seat, increasing the angle between your torso and thighs. Enhances comfort and encourages dynamic body movement.


M - Waterfall Seat Edge

Waterfall Seat Edge

Reduces pressure at the back of the knee, contributing to good blood flow.


N - Properly Contoured Cushions

Properly Contoured Cushions

Support the body effectively, allowing you to sit longer without discomfort.


Q - Width Adjustable Arms

Width Adjustable Arms

Allows outward movement of armrests to match shoulder breadth. Ensures armrests properly support forearms, reducing muscular effort in neck and shoulders.


T - Push Button

Push Button

Push to activate control. Location within reach increases your adjustment. Promotes good posture as you move to various positions.



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